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Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry at Children's Dentistry of Rancho Cucamonga

Your children need comprehensive pediatric dentistry to ensure healthy teeth and gums as they grow. Your pediatric dentist at Children's Dentistry of Rancho Cucamonga performs a wide variety of pediatric dental procedures, as well as cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, early interceptive orthodontics and preventative dentistry – all for children up to the age of 18. To learn more about some of our primary kids services, please click on the highlighted procedures listed below:

  • Emergency dental care for broken, chipped or knocked-out teeth
  • Nitrous oxide sedation • Oral sedation • General anesthesia for maximum comfort
  • White crowns • White fillings that match teeth and look great
  • Dental sealants to prevent tooth decay for up to 5 years with good nutrition
  • Space maintainers for protecting proper bite/chewing function
  • Digital X-rays dramatically reduce radiation exposure
  • Early interceptive orthodontics to manage and correct small problems before they become big problems
  • Habit appliances and mouth guards for children who suck their fingers or grind their teeth at night
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Cosmetic dentistry for children, includes white fillings, white crowns and dental sealants
  • Restorative dentistry for children includes white crowns, white fillings and elimination of tooth decay
  • Preventative dentistry

In addition, our children's dentist can advise you about proper vaccines for children to help protect their overall health and wellness. Because we don't just care about your child's teeth and gums, we care about your child.

Discover the many benefits of taking your children to a kids dentist by calling 909.483.6851. Our service area includes Chino, Fontana, Jurupa Valley, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, Upland and neighboring locations.

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Why Pediatric Dentistry

Why Pediatric Dentistry

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